Exclusive testing room

Exclusive testing room for the design and realization of new machines and plants, in line with the evolution of meat products.

The TECHNOLOGICAL UNIT is realized according to the highest standards of a modern food industry and includes all the machinery (syringe machine ,tenderizer, tumbler, cooking oven, stuffing machine, seasoner etc) for the realization of cooked products and cured meats.

This allows Customers to experience industrial productions, both for the development of new products and improvement of a “traditional” process. Products obtained from testing can then be assessed from a microbiological point of view in the NEW LABORATORY and organoleptic in an up-to-date TASTING ROOM.

The results will be then discussed and elaborated with skilled technicians and university teachers specialized in this field, in order to easily provide INOX MECCANICA’s new machinery or technologies for our customers on an industrial scale.