Automatic tying machine

TM 200 Series

Automatic tying machine

New automatic tying machine TM200 V
This new model of tying machine allows, with mode set continous tying, to TRIPLE the productivity compared to tying with single knot. It’s dedicated to products consisting of one or more sausages or pieces of meat rolled together or overlapped such as roasts, porchetta and so on. Loading product system with inclined conveyor belts set up a cradle able to carry any cut of meat or sausages without any problem.

In addition to the new model TM200 V we also produce model TM200 S  for tying of sausages already packed into casing such as mortadelle, pork neck, belly-bacon, loaves of meat, and so on. This machine can be interconnected throughout supervisions company systems as required by “INDUSTRIA 4.0”.

Main technical features of the machine:

  • This tying machine can tie products with a minimum diameter of 60 mm. up to a maximum diameter of 200 mm. approx , there are no limits with the length.
  • It’s possible to supply a SPECIAL version to tie products with a maximum diameter of 400 mm.
  • It’s possible to use various types of elastic cords.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of the product.
  • This machine has beed studied in order to allow easy and fast cleaning and sanitisation step, thanks to removable conveyor belts and easy access to the tying area.
  • Structure robust and strong, that can bear high workload.
  • This machine is equipped with a special system that allows to regulate the tension of the cord.
  • The electro-pneumatic system with low-voltage components is controlled by a PLC connected to a touch screen control panel, on which the various cycles can be chosen according to the type of product to tie.
  • The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel 304 and treated plastic material for food industry.


Cycle phases:

  • The operator places the product to be tied on to the conveyor belt from the loading side of the machine.
  • Once the product arrives in the tying zone, the machine automatically starts the cycle, respecting the distance or the space between one tying and the other, according to the model, which have been set on the control panel.
  • Once tying is over, the tied product is discharged through the exit conveyor belt.

Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

One single machine carries out automatically two kind of tying:

Continous with adjustable coils

Single tying with many strings rotations.