Automatic pressing, stuffing and clipping machine

PIC 99 Series

Automatic pressing, stuffing and clipping machine.

Since 1987 the best solution to form, stuff, tighten and clip single muscle products – such as belly-bacon, pork neck, bresaola, hams, loins, roasts and muscles in general – in fibrous, collagen and plastic casing and elastic stockings. With PIC99 you can stuff products in casing and net at the same time with great time and labor savings. Moreover with PIC99 you can drastically reduce packaging cost with lower waste of casing and net. Finally, PIC99 is the best solution on the market for the production of long bar to improve and increase yield in slicing.

PIC 99 B


Provided with an automatic feeding system of forming moulds in which directly place the meat.


Machine equipped with a modular feeding belt specifically provided for stuffing big muscles that not require a particular positioning inside the forming mould.


Besides standard applications of the machine, additional special versions are available with the purpose to satisfy customer’s needs. PIC99RC is a significant example: to be used for production of anatomic muscles automatically packed in edible film and net such as: hams, shoulders, chicken, turkey and other pieces of meat in general.

Forming moulds are specifically built depending on edible film type (collagen, Nutrafilm®,etc) and size, always following customers needs.

Our machines  are  in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

Hydraulic pushing cylinder complete with control unit


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