Press forming stuffing machine

P600-P800 Series

Press forming stuffing machine


The automatic press forming-stuffing machines P600/P800 XP are the synthesis, for our company, of a thirty years’ “know-how” experience with this typology of machines. The P600 XP can use moulds with a calibre varying from a minimum of 70mm up to a maximum of 180mm.

Furthermore it is possible to supply oval moulds for particular product, such as Bresaola for example.
The replacement of the mould and accessories is very simple and quick.
The machine functioning is electro-pneumatic.
The maximum lenght of the product that is to be packaged is 500mm for the standard version, whereas model P800 has been specifically conceived for longer products. The P800 model has a carrying capacity for products up to 800mm length.

The machine is constructed entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel and treated material for food industry. The accessories available for each model are:

  • automatic bulkhead for the forming of the extremities of the product;
  • long or short lamellar cone, according to the model;
  • long or short stuffing tube, according to the model

All types of synthetic and natural casings can be used. The work cycle is as follows:

  1. placing the product inside the forming mould;
  2. closing the loading door with the appropriate control;
  3. forming of the product (on request with the forming of the extremities of the product);
  4. filling of the product;
  5. repositioning of the press cylinder and the pushrod;
  6. automatic opening of the loading door in order to place a new piece.


Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

P600-P800 MATIC

Automatic product loading system

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