Binding machines for pancetta bacon, coppe, etc.

IMB Series

Binding machine


Created to bind sausages such as mortadella, belly-bacon, pancetta coppata, pork neck, etc. using cords.

The various stages of the cycle are as follows:

  • insertion of sausage into the machine, manually or thanks to a conveyor belt;
  • a sensor pinpoints the piece at the beginning of the cycle, which follows the encasing sequence:
    1. tension of the cords;
    2. clipping of each of the parts, with the insertion upon request of a loop for hanging;
    3. cutting of the cord;
    4. ejection of product.

It is possible to encase products with both standard and elastic cord using 6/8/10/12 cords, with a minimum diameter of 80mm to a maximum of 160mm. Model IMB12 LE MAXI can bind products with a maximum diameter of 300 mm. The replacement of this equipment is a very simple and fast.
The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel 304 and treated plastic material for food industry.

The electro-pneumatic system, with low tension devices, is managed by PLC that controls each sequence of the operation.

Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.