Automatic clipping machine

CLXP 260 Series

Automatic clipping machine.

Greatest versatility: it can handle products with minimum diameter 65mm till maximum 260mm. Greatest efficiency in packing roasts in edible film to produce anatomical portions or products in bars for slicing.

Main feature of CLXP260 is flexibility: you can pack many different products just changing the stuffing horn in an easy and fast way. In fact, CLXP260 can be equipped to work just with casing, with casing and net or, thanks to a dedicated dispenser, with edible film and net.

These machines can stuff products to be cooked with Cooking or Strip-off System or to be seasoned with most casings available.

Moreover the CLXP260 can be supplied with particular device that applies the casing and an elastic net at the same time in order to keep the product as formed as possible during the following cycle or to facilitate the product’s hanging by a loop (even for heavy products).

Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

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