Automatic clipping machine for sausages

Single head clipping machine.

CLP Series

Automatic clipping machine for sausages.


Automatic clipping machine with casing stretching clamp. This machine closes processed meat products by means of an aluminium clip. Single or twinhead version available. Usually used in combination with manual forming and stuffing machine P600 (or P800), to complete the packing process for all entire muscle products.

A special clamp enables mechanical traction of the casing which will eliminate the remaining air in the product and give it shape and compactness. Besides perfectly clipping the processed meat, the above mentioned system totally uses the casing, thus achieving operational economy.

The equipment is made of 304 stainless steel.
Pneumatic operation.

Working pressure: 7-8 bar

Overall dimensions:
length 1400 mm.
width 770 mm.
work surface height 850 mm.

Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

Single head clipping machine for table.

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