Automatic vacuum tumblers

BT Series

Automatic vacuum tumblers

Our range of automatic vacuum tumblers consists in models with a loading capacity of 500, 1200, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 kg approx. These machine models are used for the salting of raw/cured products such as hams, pork neck, loins, belly-bacon, bresaola, speck and for products to be cooked such as hams, shoulders, bacon, etc.

  • High technological content machine.
  • Programmer with large display. Every working cycle, even complex ones, can be selected in a very easy and quick manner.
  • Speed range from 0,5 to 10 rpm.
  • Energy recovery system.
  • These machines can be implemented by loading/unloading systems through vacuum.

Automatic salting system with “osmotic extraction” for cured product.

This patented salting system allows to create inside the tumbler the optimal conditions for a homogeneous distribution of the salt and at the same time a significant reduction of water in the meat.

Our machines can be provided with an outer interspace and its related system that enable to refrigerate the machine and keep the product’s temperature constant, even in a non- conditioned ambient. It is also possible to heat the ambient in order to vacuum-defrost the meat. A weighing system with display and stainless steel loading stores can be provided too.

Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

Tublers line installation

Versions: BT 1000, BT 3000, BT 4000, BT 6000, BT 9000, BT 10000

BT 1000

BT 3000

BT 4000

A complete and exclusive supervision system, with which it is possible to  control the machine from the office or tablet.

It’s possible to register all the cycle parameters of the working cycle or write new recipes and send them to the PLC on the onboard control panel. Furthermore, it is possible to check the machine’s working status.

CZ Series

Loading systems for products with different solutions according to customer’s needs.


Pneumatic loading and spreading system for salt, aromas and ingredients.