Tenderizer with large knives

BK Series

Tenderizer with a completely innovative cutting system.


The high-quality italian cooked ham has organoleptic and visual features unique in the world, due to raw material, natural ingredientistics, reduced injection, a soft tumbling (massage) and a slow cooking.

In order to increase even more these exceptional characteristics, Inox Meccanica has come up with the TENDER XP. A special tenderizer with “LARGE KNIVES”, allowing to carve in a regular, alternating and decisive manner the muscle fibres of the ham.
This type of cut permits to create the best conditions for:

  • obtaining “juiciness” also in meat added with “light” brines;
  • reducing the formation of caves and/or crevices;
  • maintaining a perfect muscular anatomy;
  • obtaining an optimal distribution of the brine.


The TENDER BK allows a “PASSING” tenderizing for products without skin or portions of muscle, and a “NON PASSING” tenderizing for anatomic products with “opened” or “closed” de-boning with fat and/or skin. For some types of product, this particular way of tenderizing allows to avoid the injection of the meat. The suitable knives, based upon product and percentage of injection, are of two types: a single blade or with a interrupted blade; easy to install and remove for exchange or sanitization.

The machine is constructed entirely of stainless steel 304 and treated plastic material for food industry. The functioning of the machine is electro-pneumatical.

Our machines are in accordance with and conform to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.