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A complete system for Beretta U.S.A.

Nov 30, 2021 | Communications

We are super thrilled at the idea that in a few days one of our systems will arrive in the USA to be installed in the Beretta Brothers plant in Fresno.

A complete line for forming, bagging, tensioning and clipping anatomical products such as pancetta, coppa, bresaola and hams in cellulosic, plastic casings and elastic stockings.

The line includes:

· PIC 99 B with automatic tube change, 1100 mold and electric pusher;
· A bench clipper
· A trolley for soaking casings
· A mains charger
· A casing loader
· A trolley carries 4 molds
· An automatic loading belt
· A tube support table.

Currently our PIC 99 B is the best solution for the production of product bars, composed of several pieces, to increase the slicing yield.

The PIC 99 B is the result of years of study with which our R&D team has managed to concentrate many previously developed technologies in a single machine, conceiving a completely automatic machine capable of pressing, bagging and clipping raw and cooked products. .

In order to make our production processes more and more automatic and performing, we have added some accessories to the PIC such as the automatic belt feeder and the automatic tube changer that allow you to streamline and speed up the entire production cycle as much as possible.

Over the years there have been many technological innovations that we have developed on this machine with the aim of promptly satisfying all the new needs of the market and of each of our customers.

Today we have come to offer a “tailor-made” service, totally made in Italy, which has allowed us to follow the evolution of the sector in an optimal and precise way alongside our customers, no longer providing only plants or machinery, but also technologies applied to these new processes.