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Innovative Technology
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WORLD LEADER in technology for seasoned meats
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Cleaning Solution Team
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Machines and systems for sausages packing
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25 Years
Since more than 25 years we design and build machinery and equipment for meats and sausages processing and packing.
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News and Events
IFFA 2016
Inox Meccanica is pleased to invite you to IFFA 2016
Inox Meccanica is pleased to invite you to IFFA 2016, the most important international trade fair for the processing industry and packaging of meat.

World’s leading producers of machinery, systems and equipments will attend IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt , the most important trade in meat industry worldwide.

Inox Meccanica is glad to present its range of machines and systems for the processing and packaging of raw and cooked products, such as the new forming ,stuffing and clipping machine PIC99BA.
Inox Meccanica will also present its range of washing machines for equipments and salami, which have successfully established themselves worldwide thanks to their reliability and flexibility.

We are waiting for you at Hall 9.0 - Booth A 16
Stand Eurocarne 2012
Stand Eurocarne 2012
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Eurocarne 2012
Eurocarne 2012, 25° International Exhibition for processing, storage, refrigeration, and distribution of meat attended by more than 16.000 traders and foreign visitors: 12% of the total, up 4% compared to 2009; a substantially positive balance, considering the actual particular and delicate situation.

This event joined the most manufacturer in the world and also INOX MECCANICA took the opportunity to launch new products and services that can place our company among the most innovative and forefront company of the sector.
Stand of Inox Meccanica, with greater impact, has attracted great interest especially for the exclusive technology for the production of ham "Fiore Crudo" and for the "Cleaning solution" program.

We also showed the new generation of stuffing and clipping machine for sausages and automatic vacuum tumblers with osmotic extraction system, both a development of machines that are really establishing worldwide thanks to their flexibility and reliability
According to our company "mission" , we chose a dedicated multimedia communication to provide information more directly our customers about benefit of this innovations, not just machinery but also technologies applied to sausages production lines.
Many visitors have enthusiastically embraced these new proposals, confirming the validity of the strategic choice adopted.
Bta Barcelona
Inox Meccanica will exhibit at BTA in Barcelona
On days 15th to 18th of May, Inox Meccanica will exhibit at BTA in Barcelona, one of the main events of European Food and Beverage, as a guest in the exhibition stand 4 C50 of its local dealer COMERCIAL ARREL S.L.

Inox Meccanica will take the opportunity to confirm again its leadership in sausages processing and will show the exclusive technological system "FIORE CRUDO", able to produce a quality product that synthesizes flavour, aroma and real taste of a good raw ham. This system most simplifies the production process, from deboning up to the end of the seasoning.

Inox Meccanica will show also the forming/stuffing/clipping machine PIC 99B and the automatic vacuum tumbler 9000 BT with patented system for osmotic extraction; both are a development of machines that are really establishing worldwide thanks to their flexibility and reliability.
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“FIORE CRUDO” is a innovative technological system totally developed by our R&D, which is able to create a “quality raw ham” that synthesizes fragrance, aroma und the true taste of a good ham obtained from thighs. This revolutionary process follows the product from the de-boning up to the end of the curing, in order to obtain in an industrial methode, sicure and rapid, an already de-boned product, with a defined form, ready to be sold as whole or to be sliced. For the sliced product it is furthermore possible to compone two pieces together to obtain a bar which can sensibly reduce the final production discards.
Mixers for salt and spices
SUPER MIX 100 capacity 100 kg
(min. mix 15 kg)

This machine automatically carries out mixing of salt and spices or necessary additive, by a continous mixing from up to down, in order to homogenize the ingredients.
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Special IFFA
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During May 8-13th, Inox Meccanica showed at IFFA in Frankfurt, its complete production with particular space to the exclusive technology for ham processing “Fiore Crudo” and to the program “Cleaning Solution Team”.

Our stand with a strong eye-impact has attracted a lot of professional operators coming from all over the world to know our complete product range and services advertised through press release and magazines.

The attention of visitors has gone beyond the most optimistic expectations for the numbers and, in particular, the quality of these highly professional operators who have grasped the essence of the novelties presented.

These operators show their willingness to invest in machinery and equipment for processing and packaging of meat products after a very difficult year.
Moreover according to a survey commissioned by Messe Frankfurt, 32% of visitors stated that visiting the exhibition in particular because of this type of machine.

Even this year’s IFFA demonstrated its position as the leading trade fair and to be the most important even in the sector.

The next IFFA will be held in Frankfurt from 4 to 9 May 2013 and Inox Meccanica will be there.

Cleaning Solution Team
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“Cleaning Solution Team” a team devoted to implementing the guidelines required to innovate the food equipment cleaning processes.
At Inox Meccanica we firmly believe that to improve the technologies and processes to washing machines and at the same time meet the needs and requirements of the food market, we need resources, technical capabilities, knowledge and, above all, the ability “to dive in others’ shoes” that is to view and feel our prospective customers' problem as if they were our problems.
So we have promoted the creation of a Team (Cleaning Solution Team) whose mission is constant and gradual improvement of solutions and cleaning processes in line with growing needs of equipment perfectly sanitized by reducing the resources (water, energy and chemicals) and safeguarding the environment but also safety of operators.

This team includes engineers, chemists, hygienists as well as customers and suppliers who want to fulfil our mission with us.
On the other hand washing is now a “multidisciplinary science” that requires multiple and different skills that we want to implement not only our company but also in the whole world.
Our “Cleaning Solution Team“ logo represents the guarantee of our commitment to design and manufacture washing machines increasingly oriented to the needs of customers.

A better understanding of our thought , was a brochure dedicated to the most salient issues in the field of industrial clearing, such as principals, applications and innovations that we provide to all business operator.

Download the brochure “Cleaning Solution Team”

Special IFFA
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IFFA 2007, a worldwide event
Inox Meccanica chooses this important appointment for new products and service bringing out. These allow our company to be amongst the most innovative and in the van of this field. That's why we want to show this new product/service with a specific multimedia communication, in order to inform directly our customers about our innovations, that include not only machinery but also applied technologies to our equipment.
Technology and Biotechnology, a compound that allows us to put even more in evidence the cutting edge technology and potential of our engineering.
Many visitors were enthusiast of these new proposals, confirming validity of our strategic choice.
Giovanni Bolzacchini
Technical Manager
Tender XP
tenderizer with big knives
Together with our engineering we have developed a tenderizer with a completely new and innovative system of cutting. The high-quality cooked Italian ham has uniche organoleptic and visual characteristics in the world, due to the prime material, the natural ingredients, the reduced injection, a delicate massaging and a slow cooking. In order to increase these exceptional characteristics, INOX MECCANICA Srl has developed the TENDER XP.
A special tenderizer with “LARGE KNIVES” that has the advantage to incise in a regular, alternating a decisive mode the muscle fibres of ham.
This type of incision permits to create the best conditions for:
- Having juiciness even in meat injected with “light” brine;
- Reducing the formation of caves and / or cracks;
- Maintaining a perfect muscular anatomy;
- Obtaining an optimal distribution of the brine;
The TENDER XP allows a “PASSING” tenderizing for products without pig skin or for portions of muscles, and a “NON PASSING” tenderizing for anatomic products with “open” or “closed” de-boning and with fat and/or pig skin.
For some types of products, this particular method of tenderizing permits to avoid the injection of the meat.
CLXP 240
the maximum of flexibility
It is one of the few machines present on the market capable to handle a wide range of products from 60 to 240 mm diameter. This new model, which seperates, clips and cuts, has its basic characteristics in its extreme flexibility, obtained simply by changing the stuffing tube and selecting a new working programm. It is adapted for the confectioning of salumis in syntethic casing, roasts with net and NUTRAFILM®, like mortadella up to a diameter of 240 mm and a weight of approx. 30 kg. Furthermore, changing again the accessories, it is possible to stuff whole muscle products under vacuum at “Zero Loss” with the exclusive cutting system DV3, which cuts the portion and clips the casing without breaking it. This machine can be hooked up to any vacuum-stuffer available in commerce and works sychronized with it.
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Edible film
- a more tender bite;
- no artificial colouring;
- user friendly;
- excellent machinability gives improved stuffing yelds;
- improved processing yeld;
- no cross contamination;
- non-animal base;
- does not effect nutritional profile;
- available in all standard sizes, in clear or caramel black;
- no superficial crust ;
- customise with customer’s logo;
- good industrialisation;
- more “handmade” presentation of the product;
- good flexibility for development of new shapes, with the possibilità of different weight and gauges;
- possible steam cooking;
- possible roast cooking;
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Binding machine
Designed to encase salumi such as pancetta, bacon, pancette coppate, coppe, culatelli etc using cords.
Main machine features:
- it’s not necessary an operator for machine loading
- long operating-range thanks to a multi-bobbin
- cycle with an extrem speed and high productivity compared to traditional systems.
It is possible to encase products with both standard and elastic cord using 6/8/10/12 cords, with a minimum diameter of 80mm to a maximum of 160 mm; the maximum length of a single piece is 500 mm.
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Net fitter – socking net
fitter mod. CRE 2R 
Machines for the automatic loading of net or socking net on to stainless steal tubes with round, oval or particolar shapes. Loading is carried out by motorized rolls, made of white food rubber, with a geat grip that are able to load more quickly thank traditional net loader.
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Special Eurocarne
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