Stuffing and forming machines
Forming machine AC 600
Automatic forming machine for coppe, to be used in particular for pancette coppate.
It is equpped only with one mold, that will reduce the gauge of the coppa and will extend the sausage without any damage.
The gauge can de adjusted by calibrating the stroke of the forming cylinder.
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Forming machine AC 600
Forming machine AC 900 L - AC 900 LD
This new machine has been studied to solve the problem of sausages forming and calibrating such as coppe, bacon, salami, bresaole and so on after seasoning and before slicing.
This machine is mainly constitued by a press-forming body and by and ejecting cylinder.
The max length of the product to be formed is of 1000 mm.
Molds are interchangeable and can be supplied with gauge from 70 up to 150 mm.
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Forming machine AC 900 L - AC 900 LD
Press filling machine P600/P800 XP

The automatic press forming-filling machines P600/P800 XP are the synthesis, for our company, of a thirty years' "know-how" experience with this typology of machines.

The P600 XP can use moulds with a calibre varying from a minimum of 70mm up to a maximum of 180mm.
Furthermore it is possible to supply oval moulds for particular product, such as Bündnerfleisch for example.
The substitution of the mould and accessories is very simple and quick. The maximum lenght of the product that is to be packaged is 500mm for the standard version, whereas model P800 has been specifically conceived for longer products. The P800 model has a carrying capacity for products up to 800mm length.
The machine is constructed entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel and treated material for food industry. The machine functioning is electro-pneumatic.

Mod. P600/P800 N: Ideal for bacon and neck, to be filled in synthetic or natural casings.
Mod. P600/P800 L: Ideal for products to be cooked like roasts, ham, shoulder or pieces of meat in general to be filled in synthetic/natural casings or elastic/non-elastic net.
• Mod. P600/P800 RC: Ideal for products to be cooked like roasts, ham, shoulder or pieces of meat in general to be filled in elastic/non-elastic net or net and edible film.

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