Net and casing fitters
Net and casing fitter mod. SE

This machine is designed for the automatic loading on tubes of:
- Std & elastic net
- Stocking net
- Synthetic casing
- Plastic casing

In order to facilitate the loading on fragile casing tubes ( for example the collagen ones) fittings and devices are available. For this reason, it is possible to supply a casing soaking tank with the loader. This tank is provided with a system that keeps the soaking water temperature steady; a casing loading model and an automatic pulling system are also provided.
The loading takes place on stainless steel tubes with diam. From 70 up to 180mm.

This machine is part as well of a new and advanced range that enables to set up different programs; thanks to these programs it is possible to skip from a casing type-dimension to a different one by selecting the chosen program.
Once the cycle has started, the machine automatically executes the tube loading as per the selected program quantity.
The machine is constructed entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel and treated material for food industry. Automatic electro-pneumatic functioning.

The machine described above is in accordance with and conforms to the European machine directive in the domain of safety, noise and hygiene.

Download our PDF technical sheet >>
Caricatore mod. SE
Net fitter – socking net fitter mod. CRE 2R 
Machines for the automatic loading of net or socking net on to stainless steal tubes with round, oval or particolar shapes. Loading is carried out by motorized rolls, made of white food rubber, with a geat grip that are able to load more quickly thank traditional net loader.
Download our PDF technical sheet >>
Net fitter – socking net fitter mod. CRE 2R 
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