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Inox Meccanica, solves, with solutions custom-made, different problems of the food industry, in particular for the meat processing industry.

Since 1975 Inox Meccanica produces and build machinery for automatic meat and sausages processing, and for containers, mold, equipment washing of the food industry.
Our machines can be easily integrated with automatic processing lines.
In order to back in the best way the growing needs and innovations of the food sector,
Inox Meccanica can offer, in addition to the machinery, a technology consulting and assistance service to all the customers that don’t need only a machine but also a know how.

All Inox Meccanica production complies with
CE regulations.
Inox Meccanica - L'azienda
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Technology for the food processing industry
Mantova - Italy
46040 Solarolo di Goito - Strada Solarolo, 20/B-C-D
Tel. +39-0376.608282 - Fax +39-0376.608180
E-mail: info@inoxmeccanica.it

P.IVA: 01337990202
ISCRIZ.R.E.A.MN N.152633 - MECC N. M/002468
ISCRIZ.REG.IMPR. MN N. 01337990202

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